Life As I Know It

Life As I Know It

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

To Maile Grace With Love

Maile Grace,

You will be here next month, and every time I am asked when you are due I still can't believe I am saying "next month".  Your dad and I have been waiting for you for more than 2 years and we are so beyond ready to meet you.  Your room is just about ready and all your clothes are almost washed.  You have a lot of clothes by the way.  Be prepared to change frequently so that you can wear them all before you outgrow them! :)  Your drawers are full of blankets, diapers, socks, hats, pjs, and towels.  Your closet is overflowing with your carseat, diaper bag, stroller, swing, and all the other necessities. 

As I am typing this you are reminding me with your powerful kicks that you do not like when I lean forward...does that squish you?  I'm starting to learn your preferred positions in utero now that you are getting big enough for me to distinguish your body parts.  You LOVE to stick your bum up in the air.  I know exactly when you wake up in the morning because you stretch out from side to side.  Your hands feel like I am getting an internal massage, and your little feet are strong!  Swift kicker you are!!  Remember, I would love for you to be a volleyball player, so don't get to excited about soccer just yet. :) 

Your dad has been working crazy hours opening up the restaurant, but you are the first one he kisses when he comes home each night.  Even if I am sleeping, I can always feel him lean down and kiss you.  He talks to you all the time and hopes that you are learning his voice.  I think you are-you almost always give him a response by kicking back when he touches my belly!  He got to watch you dance last night.  My entire belly was moving side to side, up and down, while you were doing your thing in there.  He couldn't take his eyes off of you.  Since your dad is gone so much these days, I talk to you all the time.  I hope that you are learning my voice as well.  I talk to you about everything, and I hope you will talk to me about everything when you are older. 

I am getting so excited thinking about all the things we will teach you and experience with you.  I can't wait for you to be old enough to play kitchen, read books like Charlotte's Web and other children's classics, watch and fall in love with Little House on the Prairie just like me, and so much more.  And call me crazy, but I am even looking forward to all the care that you will need when you are first born.  I can't wait to come to you in the middle of the night when you are crying or hungry.  I can't wait to be the only person who you want to calm you when you are upset.  I long and desire to hold you in my arms and see you smile back at me.  I stand staring into your crib all the time thinking about it.  Finally, I can't wait for your birthday.  I really cannot picture what that day will be like.  Will it go as I plan (natural and hopefully quick) or will you be born via C-Section?  Will you be born during the day or during the night?  Will Dr. Boag be the one to deliver you-he said he is going to do his very best even if he is not on call--you're spoiled. ;)  Will I be at work when I go into labor or at home?  What is that very first moment going to be like when I lock eyes with you?  How is your dad going to react?  There are so many questions surrounding that day that is flying towards us at warp speed, but I know that whatever happens will be way you are meant to come into this world and you will come at precisely the perfect moment. 

Maile Grace you are loved beyond words and desired beyond all explanation.  You are our true miracle baby and we are counting down the days until your arrival. 


  1. This is absolutely beautiful ash! I am so happy for you and griff and your perfectly growing family! Maile is going to have two incredible parents to show her around this world and be by her side and I am so excited to see a picture of her beautiful face!!! Mommy hood is exhausting and emotional but the most rewarding thing in this entire world! I can't wait for you to experience the love of it all!!!! I truly wish the best for you and your amazing blessing of a family!!!!! Welcome to mommy hood :) buckle up!!!! :)

  2. Yes, absolutely beautiful. Congratulations!!

  3. You expressed so many of my feelings just before delivery our sweet Adalynn! And. Just so you know. I still do not get tired of going to her and taking care of her in the night. It is a joy every. Single. Time. I cannot wait to hear that you too are holding your sweet baby in your arms!